Rabu, Oktober 10, 2012

About The Funiest Think I Know!! "Running Man"

Hm...Have you hear about Running Man? This is the one of variety show in South Korea and this is the most I like. Why? They are so funny and they do it so natural. The concept in every episode have a new style and new idea that make me not bored to waiting next episode. But the most I like from this show is they friendship. I think they so closed each other that make this show more than just for a filming. Let me show you about what I'm thinking.
I will share about how funny they are...

1. The Silly dance
Eps 72

Eps 72

Eps 72

Eps 75

Eps 75
They doing their best and forget about what people say. Just for fun..Love it!!!
2. Playing Around
      Look at the picture mark number 1 to 4..



 Even in the middle of film they just having fun..ke..ke..ke..ke. Gary* farted in front of Haroro**.
Gary was wore purple sweater and Haroro wore black jacket.. You can see this on episode 24.

Sexy Haroro
You can see this scene on episode 100.
If this articel not funny for you, lets check their show. Their show was called Running Man.
See episode 72, 79,95, 108. Recommended those episode for the first time you watch it.
Seum Dwa!!!!